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Patch (BETA) wydany!

Post by zoNE »

Patch (BETA) został wydany!

Link do patcha: Wymaga:

Changelog (
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: Mastodons Trail by Gwrhkhsh(code by Tomasz)
  • Added: Sync Squares added to multiplayer room
  • Added: Round and Trunc commands to SAIL
  • Fixed: Bug which corrupted american campaign saves
  • Fixed: Latest Multiplayer fixes
  • Improved: Multiplayer code improvments
  • Improved: Video system improvements

    Rocky Land:
    - Waterfall animations fixed

    Balance changes - check BalanceChangelog.txt

    Flags (by Tomasz):
    - Build Time zone(top right base) corrected
    - Possible exit with wheeled tanks on the right side from the top center position(players decide yes/no)

    - New map: Mastodons Trail by Gwrhkhsh(code by Tomasz)
    - A library People_respawning has been added to almost every map
    - Tree animation has been activated on Rocky Land
    - Build Time zone(right middle and right bottom) corrected on Siberia
    - Removal of unused: DayNight.src, crates_loading.src, crates_loading_ii.src, respawning, colors_night.txt with map
    - obnova.src removed on Night Fight map(Replaced with library People_respawning)

    Mastodons Trail (by Tomasz):
    - More trees added
    - Crate materialization changed
    - Second oil depot added
    - Second sib depot added
    - Sheik person for Arabians added(As an option)
    - More Mastodons added(As an option)

    Table Mountain (by Tomasz):
    - Position of the houses on the minimap(lobby) has been corrected
    - Tree animation has been activated

    The US_BuilUp.src library has been updated
    The US_Init_Resp.src library has been updated
    The US_MP_Inicialization.src library has been updated
    A new East versus West mode has been added to The Abyss map
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