Help Needed Please

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Help Needed Please

Post by Russerlaa »

Hi All

Have just dug the OW CD's out of a drawer and thought I would install it again for some fun as it must be years since I did.

All good, and have installed up to patch

However, when I used to play about with it years ago I had a bit of a hack that was available where I have an old "UserProfile" that I use and it gives me all the toys up front (just for local).

I can't seem to find where this would be put on a Windows 10 machine though; there isn't a UserProfiles folder in the install directory.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please (rather than abuse me for applying a cheat!).


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Re: Help Needed Please

Post by Serpent »

If you don't have UserProfiles folder then create it and put your profile there.
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