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Patches History

Posted: Sun Mar 05, 2006 12:31 pm
by zoNE by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: New multiplayer map Mudbath
  • Fixed: Dedicated Servers keeping match alive when only bots are present
  • Fixed: Bots will now be kicked when map or gametype changes
  • Fixed: Pointer error with image masks
  • Fixed: Latest multiplayer fixes by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: Mastodons Trail by Gwrhkhsh(code by Tomasz)
  • Added: Sync Squares added to multiplayer room
  • Added: Round and Trunc commands to SAIL
  • Fixed: Bug which corrupted american campaign saves
  • Fixed: Latest Multiplayer fixes
  • Improved: Multiplayer code improvments
  • Improved: Video system improvements

    Rocky Land:
    - Waterfall animations fixed

    Balance changes - check BalanceChangelog.txt

    Flags (by Tomasz):
    - Build Time zone(top right base) corrected
    - Possible exit with wheeled tanks on the right side from the top center position(players decide yes/no)

    - New map: Mastodons Trail by Gwrhkhsh(code by Tomasz)
    - A library People_respawning has been added to almost every map
    - Tree animation has been activated on Rocky Land
    - Build Time zone(right middle and right bottom) corrected on Siberia
    - Removal of unused: DayNight.src, crates_loading.src, crates_loading_ii.src, respawning, colors_night.txt with map
    - obnova.src removed on Night Fight map(Replaced with library People_respawning)

    Mastodons Trail (by Tomasz):
    - More trees added
    - Crate materialization changed
    - Second oil depot added
    - Second sib depot added
    - Sheik person for Arabians added(As an option)
    - More Mastodons added(As an option)

    Table Mountain (by Tomasz):
    - Position of the houses on the minimap(lobby) has been corrected
    - Tree animation has been activated

    The US_BuilUp.src library has been updated
    The US_Init_Resp.src library has been updated
    The US_MP_Inicialization.src library has been updated
    A new East versus West mode has been added to The Abyss map by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Spectator sees fog buildings on minimap
  • Fixed: When Character Select screen shows it has ok button disabled even if conditions are met
  • Fixed: Latest Multiplayer fixes
  • Fixed: Misc fixes

  • Materialization fixed on the map Bloody Valley (by Tomasz)
  • Multidesc Kill 'em all max players fixed on the map Flags (by Tomasz) by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Latest Multiplayer map fixes
  • Fixed: Remote mines now hidden from spectator
  • Fixed: Save games causing crash
  • Fixed: Theora videos audio and video not in sync
  • Improved: LIMITMOUSE3 parameter now works on windows by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: Spectator bar
  • Added: latency pings
  • Fixed: Multiple multiplayer map fixes
  • Fixed: Bug with listboxes
  • Fixed: Multiplayer base names showing invalid characters
  • Improved: Increase limits of voices & exclamations probability [Issue #579]
  • Improved: Expanded AI settings on maps which support it by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Multiple multiplayer map fixes by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Ru12a - Gossudarov block [Issue #626]
  • Fixed: Spectator fixes
  • Improved: Spectator now works on all maps by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Ru06 - Achiv additional condition [Issue #625]
  • Fixed: Multiplayer fixes - Alien Base, Flags, Siberia, Bloody Valley, Wilderness, Rocky Land [Issue #623]
  • Fixed: Additional Serpent Fixes which were not put on the bug tracker so you get this message instead :P by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Ru15 - medal condition [Issue #617]
  • Fixed: Am13a/Ru13a - Base Name missing [Issue #618]
  • Fixed: Joining Multiplayer match fails to join when different mod is used [Issue #622]
  • Fixed: Multiplayer fixes - Alien Base, Flags, Siberia, Bloody Valley, Wilderness, Rocky Land [Issue #623]
  • Improved: Legacy Mod Main Menu GUI [Issue #619]
  • Improved: Make Spectators use a new Side [Issue #620]
  • Improved: Implement improved profile system [Issue #621] by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: [multiplayer, SGUI] Allied victory tickbox [Issue #607]
  • Fixed: Ru05, Ru06, AM15 [Issue #612]
  • Fixed: SetSide can cause Sync Loss in Multiplayer Game [Issue #614]
  • Fixed: Ru08 - people stay on a vacation [Issue #615] by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Animal names [Issue #600]
  • Fixed: Ru12a - Achiv conditions fix [Issue #606]
  • Fixed: Small Maps can have red areas at the sides [Issue #608]
  • Fixed: With Japanese language base names show garbled characters [Issue #609]
  • Fixed: ESC key opens menu while giving orders [Issue #610]
  • Fixed: Multiplayer Loading screen doesn't go away [Issue #611]
  • Fixed: AM04 achievement [Issue #613] by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • loading a save when user profile has alot causes crash [Issue #601]
  • OW tools show memory leak information on exit [Issue #602]
  • ESC stops bringing up menu after loading save which is outdated [Issue #603] by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Czech Map Name grammer
  • Fixed: Crash when client times out by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: Memory Usage added to FPS counter
  • Fixed: Miscs bug with Campaign Tree
  • Fixed: Ru08, Ru11 - Achiv conditions [Issue #599]
  • Fixed: Memory Usage indicators now work (Map Editor by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Ru02 - Bielkov tank bug [Issue #593]
  • Fixed: Ru02, Ru03 - Dangerous oil barrels [Issue #594]
  • Fixed: When Resolution is not set the game has a window height of zero [Issue #595]
  • Fixed: Mission Tree creates new branch even if there is no next mission [Issue #597]
  • Fixed: Dedicated Server Crash [Issue #598]
  • Improved: Make Load/Save dialogs stagger the loading of save preview images [Issue #596] by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: PRESS A KEY on loading screens
  • Added: Dedicated Server option to make first client able to change settings
  • Changed: BName increased from 9 to 20 characters
  • Fixed: bug with american depot not being upgradable
  • Fixed: bug with reward screen on higher resolutions (Buttons not being clickable)
  • Fixed: bug with character selection screen on higher resolutions
  • Fixed: Ru12 - Platonov freeze [Issue #592]
  • Improved: Character Selection and Reward Screens sort now uses faster sort by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: Holding middle mouse button and dragging will now move the screen
  • Changed: SetLives will now limit the amount of HP set to a maximum of the units maxhealth
  • Fixed: Selection bug relating to command panel buttons
  • Improved: Enchance SetMark function for additional flag colours [Issue #519] by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: FORCEDUBBINGLANG parameter
  • Added: VehicleRecycled Event [Issue #408]
  • Added: SAIL - IsInvisible
  • Fixed: LIMITMOUSE causes game to hang [Issue #588]
  • Fixed: AM07 Steam Achievements
  • Changed: Faces of units now have a larger maximum size in unit lists by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added: Sort for unit face panels
  • Fixed: Ru12a - cannot complete the mission [Issue #590]
  • Fixed: Memory overflow introduced in by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Added coded to ignore ticks in the queue which are lower than current tick rather than error out
  • Increased Multiplayer Protocol Version (You can only connect to multiplayer games with the same Protocol Version) by Stucuk
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: Error in czech tooltip for placing turret weapon [Issue #382]
  • Fixed: AutoEnemy needs to be switched back on (RU07) [Issue #496]
  • Fixed: Fixes for AM10_cont, AM14 and AM15 [Issue #498]
  • Fixed: Fixed prakun model [Issue #500]
  • Fixed: Fixes for Am09 [Issue #502]
  • Fixed: Fixes for AM06_cont and AM12 [Issue #510]
  • Fixed: Fixes for Am08 [Issue #512]
  • Fixed: Fixes for Ru05 [Issue #513]
  • Fixed: (Multiplayer) Rocky Pass, Wilderness [Issue #520]
  • Fixed: Am 03, Ru 02, 03, 05, 08 [Issue #524]
  • Fixed: Ru 03, 11, 13, 14, 15 [Issue #525]
  • Fixed: Ru 06, 12a [Issue #526]
  • Fixed: Ru 04, 05, 08, 10 [Issue #533]
  • Fixed: Cinematics skip - music still playing [Issue #547]
  • Fixed: AM 11_Cont doesn't end when objectives complete [Issue #561]
  • Fixed: Am10_cont - invalid chassis [Issue #563]
  • Fixed: Am09_cont - missing dialog and disabled barracks [Issue #564]
  • Fixed: Am15a - missing Coonie Travers [Issue #565]
  • Fixed: Ru10 - InGameOn bug [Issue #566]
  • Fixed: Ru11 - units can't move [Issue #567]
  • Fixed: Ru09_cont - water issue [Issue #568]
  • Fixed: Ru02 - how to kill Platonov [Issue #569]
  • Fixed: Am12 - Fail retreat [Issue #570]
  • Fixed: Am11_cont - starting scene and polish dialogs fix [Issue #571]
  • Fixed: Am09_cont - disabled barracks after arabs barracks build [Issue #572]
  • Fixed: Ru03 - missing dialog | attacking Omicron by barracks | blockade in Kirov [Issue #573]
  • Fixed: Ru10 - Vsevolod blockade in intro [Issue #574]
  • Fixed: Ru08 - delete Masha variable if Masha not exist [Issue #575]
  • Fixed: Am07_cont - missing medals descriptions [Issue #576]
  • Fixed: Am09_cont - infinity loop while arabian barracks construct [Issue #577]
  • Fixed: Am11_cont - two times ending mission [Issue #578]
  • Fixed: Am13a - killable Gossudarov squad members [Issue #581]
  • Fixed: Ru02 - build lab and workshop objective [Issue #582]
  • Fixed: Ru03 - kirov mechanics stuck [Issue #584]
  • Fixed: Am15a | Ru15a - americans cannot rebuild sib mines [Issue #585]
  • Fixed: Am15 - Bugs [Issue #586]
  • Fixed: Am02 - JMM squad dead on mission start [Issue #587]
  • Improved: Remade OW Intro [Issue #562]
  • Improved: Allow multiple buildings to be placed when SHIFT key is held [Issue #532]
  • Improved: Make Flamethrower Destroy Environment and Burn Grass [Issue #543]
  • Improved: Add SAIL Libraries inside mod directory [Issue #544]
  • Improved: Editor - Inspect Profile Tool [Issue #553]
  • Improved: GUI Replaced with SGUI by Stucuk
Fixed: Error in czech tooltip for placing turret weapon [Issue #382]
Fixed: AutoEnemy needs to be switched back on (RU07) [Issue #496]
Fixed: Fixes for AM10_cont, AM14 and AM15 [Issue #498]
Fixed: Fixed prakun model [Issue #500]
Fixed: Fixes for Am09 [Issue #502]
Fixed: Fixes for AM06_cont and AM12 [Issue #510]
Fixed: Fixes for Am08 [Issue #512]
Fixed: Fixes for Ru05 [Issue #513]
Fixed: (Multiplayer) Rocky Pass, Wilderness [Issue #520]
Fixed: Am 03, Ru 02, 03, 05, 08 [Issue #524]
Fixed: Ru 03, 11, 13, 14, 15 [Issue #525]
Fixed: Ru 06, 12a [Issue #526]
Fixed: Ru 04, 05, 08, 10 [Issue #533]
Fixed: Cinematics skip - music still playing [Issue #547]
Fixed: AM 11_Cont doesn't end when objectives complete [Issue #561]
Fixed: Am10_cont - invalid chassis [Issue #563]
Fixed: Am09_cont - missing dialog and disabled barracks [Issue #564]
Fixed: Am15a - missing Coonie Travers [Issue #565]
Fixed: Ru10 - InGameOn bug [Issue #566]
Fixed: Ru11 - units can't move [Issue #567]
Fixed: Ru09_cont - water issue [Issue #568]
Fixed: Ru02 - how to kill Platonov [Issue #569]
Fixed: Am12 - Fail retreat [Issue #570]
Fixed: Am11_cont - starting scene and polish dialogs fix [Issue #571]
Fixed: Am09_cont - disabled barracks after arabs barracks build [Issue #572]
Fixed: Ru03 - missing dialog | attacking Omicron by barracks | blockade in Kirov [Issue #573]
Fixed: Ru10 - Vsevolod blockade in intro [Issue #574]
Fixed: Ru08 - delete Masha variable if Masha not exist [Issue #575]
Fixed: Am07_cont - missing medals descriptions [Issue #576]
Fixed: Am09_cont - infinity loop while arabian barracks construct [Issue #577]
Fixed: Am11_cont - two times ending mission [Issue #578]
Fixed: Am13a - killable Gossudarov squad members [Issue #581]
Fixed: Ru02 - build lab and workshop objective [Issue #582]
Fixed: Ru03 - kirov mechanics stuck [Issue #584]
Fixed: Am15a | Ru15a - americans cannot rebuild sib mines [Issue #585]
Fixed: Am15 - Bugs [Issue #586]
Fixed: Am02 - JMM squad dead on mission start [Issue #587]
Improved: Remade OW Intro [Issue #562]
Improved: Allow multiple buildings to be placed when SHIFT key is held [Issue #532]
Improved: Make Flamethrower Destroy Environment and Burn Grass [Issue #543]
Improved: Add SAIL Libraries inside mod directory [Issue #544]
Improved: Editor - Inspect Profile Tool [Issue #553]
Improved: GUI Replaced with SGUI by Stucuk
Fixed: Fixed bug with Issue #464
Added: Expand Weapons (Issue #481)
Fixed: Access Violation at 00620E5E in OwarOGL ( (Issue #480)
Added: AddToLog for Editor (Issue #476)
Fixed: Access Violation at 005E003B in OwarOGL ( (Issue #472)
Fixed: Division by zero EAddress: 0061BA56 ( (Issue #473)
Fixed: Access Violation at 00625D61 in OwarOGL ( (Issue #479)
Improved: Modify CreateHuman so that invalid nation or sex for that class is automatically fixed (Issue #474)
Improved: Modify OW to send the 4 Settings in multiplayer while in the Game Room (Issue #478)
Fixed: Access Violation at 0059B435 in OwarOGL ( (Issue #467)
Added: Add Ability to use GMZ Extra Data for Muzzle Flashes (Issue #462)
Added: Make OW Read all OWPs in mod directory (Issue #464)
Added: Add Error Address to Index Out Of Bounds Errors (Issue #465)
Added: Add Custom Lasers (Issue #466) by Stucuk
Added: Equalize Hex Height Tool (Issue #398)
Added: Wall Building Type
Added: COLOR parameter to grass (R G B)
Added: CLASS_OVERRIDE to people
Added: ICON to People and Buildings
Added: HEIGHT to people (For laser end point)
Added: SPAWNONDEATH to buldings (ClassID Count)
Added: WEAPON to buildings (WeaponID)
Added: EnterVehicle event to SAIL
Added: EnterVehicleFromBuilding event to SAIL
Added: LeaveVehicle event to SAIL
Added: CrateSpawn event to SAIL
Added: Identify and Note area to SAIL Editor main window
Added: IsSleeping, GetBuildingCost, PlaySoundXYLoop and StopSound to SAIL
Added: top_right, right, bottom_right, bottom_left, left and top_left SAIL constants
Added: CommunityMaps folder allowing community maps in Vanilla OW Multiplayer
Added: Arabian Interface to SGUI
Added: SGUI version of Editor
Added: ToLua Sail Command (SGUI only, no effect in normal OW)
Added: solar_recharge_percent variable to SAIL
Added: changing the colour of crate/artifact in a map
Added: texts.wri can now be used for Skirmish and Multiplayer maps
Added: PakView can now extract all WAV files
Added: Multiplayer Host can now change game speed in game
Added: sound.owp can now be used by mods
Added: Ident Descriptions for Editor - McBenn
Added: Wood Tool to Editor
Added: GroundAnims now support 16bit BMPs (24bit is converted to 16Bit)
Added: GBIs now support an imbedded PNG image
Added: Vehicles and Buildings can now force an attack Ground button (Issue #370)
Added: CacheColorsTXT SAIL command added
Added: profile_name SAIL variable (read only)
Added: simple editions of all multiplayer maps
Added: Small graphics included in Ow_editorOGL_Small.exe and owarOGL_Small.exe
Added: CUSTOMSOUND added to people.txt allowing custom sounds
Added: HEAD added to people.txt with 0 being no head (Defaults to 1)
Added: CustomCommand SAIL event
Added: GetEnvironmentType and IsEnvironmentDestroyable SAIL Commands
Added: GM Factory now included (Successor to GM Editor)
Added: SINGLEDIRECTION added to buildings.txt removing the need for a building to have graphics for each direction
Added: SIGHT added to buildings.txt allowing the default to be changed (Defaults to 0)
Added: Buildings can now have a charge animation
Changed: Multiplayer Lobby will now show all games
Changed: Counters.wri, BNames.wri and CharName.wri will load from maps folder if they exist
Changed: Increased Scroll Speed
Changed: Increased MaxRegBackRects from 1000 to 2000
Changed: Increased max Building Phases to 70
Changed: Window Scroll Speed Increased
Changed: Increased Multiplayer Protocol Version
Changed: crc.bin is now redundent
Changed: only editor will compile SAIL if code.bin exists
Changed: Maps can now have up to 20000 units (10x more)
Changed: Texts.txt will only be loaded from mod folder (Unless wri is missing) (Issue #258)
Changed: Multiple Core Mode is now default. Use singlecore parameter to force singlecore
Fixed: various MC errors
Fixed: Invincible but dead russian apeman armed with machinegun (Issue #392)
Fixed: PlaySoundXY now works correctly
Fixed: Minimap Window in Editor
Fixed: Rare Crash relating to placing or destroying a unit
Fixed: Sound Systems StopAll could prevent future sounds playing (Issue #387)
Fixed: StoneEd now works from the Original War Directory (Its not mod compatible)
Fixed: OW's Bin format can't handle strings larger than 255 (Issue 180)
Fixed: WaterZBuffer is calculated when using the Water Editor
Fixed: Saves with -1 as a unit id reference crash OW (Issue #366)
Fixed: SetCargo - 100 resources limit (Issue #368)
Fixed: AM12 - Russian attack script (Issue 321) - Nefarem
Fixed: Multiplayer maps, Polish corrections needed (Issue 109) - Nefarem
Fixed: Multiplayer map Siberia - Fixed Czech translations - Gravitr
Fixed: Ru03 - Missing Russian translation of dialogue D10a-Bur-1 - McBenn
Fixed: counter in Am06 (Polish). Showed digits when it should show time. - McBenn
Fixed: Editor not showing Weapon colour updates(On Buildings) when palettes are changed
Fixed: AM15 - Legion secondary objective (Issue 326) - Nefarem
Fixed: AM06 - An event spawning Joan Fergusson doesn't trigger (Issue 378) - Nefarem
Fixed: Ru03 - The player would always get the medal for destroying many American reinforcements - McBenn
Fixed: Am13 - The final objective was given a few seconds after mission start (Issue #369) - McBenn
Fixed: ComBuild fixed (RU05)
Fixed: RU02, RU06, RU07, RU11 fixes (Issue #446) - Nefarem
Fixed: AM09, AM10, RU03, RU11 Fixes (Issue #452) - Nefarem
Fixed: AM15 - Wrong condition for appearance of arabians (Issue #324) - Nefarem
Fixed: RU14 - Arabian attacks not commencing (Issue #214) - Nefarem
Fixed: OW can now do games with more than 8 players
Fixed: OW Editor no longer extracts texts.bin when you make a new mod
Fixed: Diplomacy window will now always display correctly
Improved: OW Editor interface
Improved: Multiplayer Stability
Improved: Error Logging
Improved: Reduced CPU usage
Improved: Editor tool speed increased (ALOT)
Improved: Most tools now work when click and dragged
Improved: OW_EditorOGL now uses FastMM for the memory manager
Improved: OW_EditorOGL now uses LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE allowing up to 4GB of memory in 64Bit systems
Improved: Czech translation of multiplayer map names - Sali
Improved: Czech translation to multiplayer map Siberia - Sali
Improved: Translated the technology option to Czech - Sali
Improved: You can now add new People (99 total)
Improved: exclamations will now search through the different nations for a sound (Meaning you only need them in one nation) by Stucuk
Added: Editor now has the ability to export the vehicle image to the current mods interface area
Added: vehicles.txt - weapons can now use CARGO_SIZE and BASE_WEAPON
Added: Siberia and Rocky Pass multiplayer maps
Added: Wave Editor in the OW Editor will now generate the wi image
Added: "Simple" versions of Multiplayer Maps
Added: [MULTIPLAYER] - Add technology restrictions (Issue #259)
Added: Alternate Fullscreen mode for Direct Draw Renderer (Issue #298)
Added: Add GetMonth to SAIL (Issue #300)
Added: Add a UnitBury Event (Issue #301)
Added: Add GetHexHeight and GetHexType function's (Issue #315)
Added: English Fallback for Lang system (Issue #338)
Added: Make Depot/Warehouse distance moddable (Issue #341)
Added: Add isEditor constant to Sail (Issue #342)
Added: Add LoadPNGOverride (Issue #343)
Added: Add timer SAIL command (Issue #345)
Added: Weather System (Issue #347)
Bug Fix: Save games that used too many references will now load (Some mods saves were affected by this)
Bug Fix: Remove All Units button in Editor no longer causes crash
Bug Fix: OGL Renderer doesn't create Screenshots with F12
Bug Fix: RU13a / AM13a - Side hostility (Issue #219)
Bug Fix: RU13a - Constant attacks (Issue #220)
Bug Fix: AM15 - Camera centering during cutscene (Issue #224)
Bug Fix: [MP MAP FLAGS] - Character spawn (Issue #250)
Bug Fix: [INFO BOX] - Text colour incorrect (Issue #252)
Bug Fix: [MULTIPLAYER] - Add various climate conditions (Issue #260)
Bug Fix: [FOOTBALL] - Height map, terrain (Issue #278)
Bug Fix: Mission Report missing numbers (Issue #279)
Bug Fix: Ground Animations Path Error (Issue #281)
Bug Fix: Environments near edge of map cause access violation (Issue #283)
Bug Fix: Editor doesn't remove Base Path from GroundAnims (Issue #284)
Bug Fix: OW loads vanilla bin files if mod map doesn't have a bin file (Issue #285)
Bug Fix: Secondary objective can't be achieved when enemy destroys a depot in Ru12a (Issue #303)
Bug Fix: Legion soldiers hired in Am12 are available in later missions (Issue #306)
Bug Fix: Character died medal RU07 (Issue #307)
Bug Fix: Ru02 captured breastworks are removed (Issue #309)
Bug Fix: Ru06 - Captured American factory still produces vehicles (Issue #310)
Bug Fix: Czech/Polish characters can not be written in boxes (Issue #339)
Bug Fix: Game never used SAIL Bin files (Issue #340)
Bug Fix: Units pause when alot of units are moving (Issue #353)
Changed: Waves random number seed is now considered ASync
Changed: enablefpscounter can now be used as a parameter for ow_editorOGL.exe and ow_editorDD.exe
Changed: Fluent Animation is now forced on
Changed: Cargo bay info (Bottom left) now shows as 100/100
Changed: Remove Exp Limit for Skirmish Maps (Issue #344)
Changed: Make OW Ignore MultiDesc*.wri files which have no contents (Issue #348)
Improved: Workshop Synchronisation will now occur when you open the Mod Launcher (Also added more info to it).
Improved: Increase number of areas on map in editor (Issue #280)
Improved: Make OGL Renderer only update the OGL Texture when something has changed (Issue #351)
Improved: Make Scrolling of the main view independed of FPS and Game Speed (Issue #352) by Stucuk
Added: Make it so mods can change Gallery parts and add new ones (Issue #116)
Added: Add ability to customize SAIL Syntax Highlighting (Issue #120)
Added: When creating new Unit re-use old slots (Issue #130)
Added: Error Log Tick (Issue #149)
Added: Steam Workshop Support (Issue #189)
Bug Fix: Am08 (Issue #6)
Bug Fix: problemy z intrem Ru (Issue #94)
Bug Fix: Am10_cont (Issue #100)
Bug Fix: Ru02 (Issue #103)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer maps (Issue #105)
Bug Fix: Alt tabbing ogl (Issue #106)
Bug Fix: OWOGL re-loads some textures before drawing each frame (Issue #113)
Bug Fix: GrndSec throws error about multiple OW's (Issue #115)
Bug Fix: Clicking on Minimap using OpenGL Renderer doesn't work (Issue #117)
Bug Fix: OW Editor Leaks memory when using Raise/Lower Hex (Issue #118)
Bug Fix: Contaminating scientist (Issue #122)
Bug Fix: Putting driver into sleep with soporific ammunition (Issue #126)
Bug Fix: Invalid Hint Types set in Custom Maps do not show correct image (OGL) (Issue #137)
Bug Fix: OW Editor allows users to create files with non-standard ASCII characters (Issue #145)
Bug Fix: Shift+Exit vehicle bug (Issue #159)
Bug Fix: Am13 (Issue #167)
Bug Fix: Am02 (Issue #168)
Bug Fix: Ru08 (Issue #177)
Bug Fix: Too many Anim Layers (Issue #190)
Bug Fix: Too many Lasers (Issue #191)
Bug Fix: Editor does not display GBI when first imported (Issue #193)
Bug Fix: Arabian Layout bug (Issue #194)
Bug Fix: Am06 - Fixed minor misspelling.
Bug Fix: Am15 - Laggy behaviour was reported
Bug Fix: Ru09 - Fixed minor dialogue error (dialogue string was misspelled)
Changed: Am05 (Issue #45)
Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #156)
Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #157)
Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #158)
Improved: Implement AVI Videos in OpenGL Renderer (Issue #92)
Improved: Points of Siberit detection and shipments on minimap (Issue #128)
Improved: Modify Server to Pause Game when a client requests more than 1 second worth of Ticks (Issue #151)
Improved: Make Randomize SAIL functions unusable in Multiplayer Maps (Issue #160)
Improved: Hide "Include"-section in SAIL editor (Issue #169)
Improved: Increase max environment objects from 1500 to 5000 (Issue #181)
Improved: Make reg_obj2 a dynamic array (Issue #182) by Stucuk
Bug Fix: Editor does not extract files from patch.owp when creating a new mod (Issue 85)
Bug Fix: Invalid Colour Codes can crash OW (OGL) (Issue 88)
Bug Fix: HTTPHandler only sends information once and then never again (Issue 89)
Bug Fix: Invalid Hint Types set in Custom Maps do not show the fallback image (OGL) (Issue 90)
Bug Fix: Chance for some Interface Elements not to be initialized before they were drawn (OGL) (Issue 91) by Stucuk
Added: OpenGL Renderer (98% Complete)
Added: Basic Zoom to Editor (Overlays do not zoom)
Added: When creating a new mod via the editor you can now make it extract files from the game
Added: Ability to scroll the SAIL Editor window with the mouse wheel
Added: Ability to view variables values at runtime by hovering over them (Except Local variables)
Added: CenterWindow parameter (Can also be set via eset.ini)
Bug Fix: Bloody valley - far away siberite detection (Issue 10)
Bug Fix: Controlling enemy's factories (Issue 13)
Bug Fix: Restoration of 15a Ru/Am (Issue 48)
Bug Fix: multiplayer almost always synchronisation lost (Issue 51)
Bug Fix: Non-Existant Steam Achievements causing Lag (Issue 52)
Bug Fix: Game longer than 999999 ticks crashes when commands are issued to units (Issue 53)
Bug Fix: Increased FPS in-game (Issue 54)
Bug Fix: RU09 - Epsilon mission - messed up dialogs after ammo research (Issue 55)
Bug Fix: RU11 - Beta base attack mission - Russian soldiers die sometimes during scouting (Issue 56)
Bug Fix: Bloody Valley - Tree (Issue 59)
Bug Fix: Windowex parametr: Window resizing & FPS drops (Issue 60)
Bug Fix: Non-Americans can use partial invisibility (Issue 63)
Bug Fix: 11RU mission - bug? (Issue 67)
Bug Fix: Missing/incorrect voice for Burlak's dialogue in RU14a (English) (Issue 69)
Bug Fix: Joan Fergusson is available in RU15a when she should be dead (Issue 70)
Bug Fix: Spelling - Czech version (Issue 74)
Bug Fix: Ru_04 T. Gaidar (Issue 75)
Bug Fix: Hacked vehicle can still be controlled if it was the active unit (Issue 77)
Bug Fix: Inability to use non-default commands when player's side equals 0 (any) (Issue 78)
Bug Fix: Formation move cursor is constantly blinking in editor + access violations + sticky ALT (Issue 79)
Bug Fix: When GetTickCount returns negative number Range Check Error is tripped (Issue 84)
Bug Fix: Gaining experience from repairing own damage
Bug Fix: A vast majority of control exploits was fixed by Stucuk
Bug Fix: 21 Achievements were not achievable by Stucuk
Added: Support for 22 Steam Achievements
Added: Language Pack Support
Bug Fix: Am02 - Mikhail is rather aggressive (Issue 4)
Bug Fix: Am07 - JMM dies but mission successful (Issue 5)
Bug Fix: Bloody valley tree gives exp multiple times (Issue 11)
Bug Fix: Polish "From the Future with Love" - %d and %t (Issue 19)
Bug Fix: Cornell appearance Am10_cont (Issue 25)
Bug Fix: AM15, Connie Traverse (Issue 29)
Bug Fix: RU14 generic characters (Issue 31)
Bug Fix: Am15 W. Gorky event (Issue 34)
Bug Fix: Bug/Exploit. Chatting as others in the multiplayer lobby (Issue 35)
Bug Fix: All soliders dont attack legion in 2nd attack 15am (Issue 37)
Bug Fix: Crash at Start of AM15 under certain resolutions (Issue 39)
Bug Fix: Ru02 - barracks (Issue 40)
Bug Fix: AM11 Scout (Yamoko) (Issue 43)
Bug Fix: Am15 "No loses" medal (Issue 44)
Bug Fix: Am missions with a movies are globally broken (Issue 12)
Bug Fix: Error with loading save (Issue 2)
Bug Fix: [exploit] hacking friendly vehicles is now limited.
Bug Fix: any apeman could repair adjacent building.
Bug Fix: reals from SAIL were improperly saved.
Bug Fix: memory leak from reading compressed files from OWP archives.
Bug Fix: an integer overflow in the editor.
Changed: Multiplayer Protocol Increased (Incompatible with previous versions)
Changed: Saving with Editor is disabled when going in-game until the map is reset
Changed: Re-wrote FacePanel so it stretches properly
Enhancement: Error Reporter can identify Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
1.12.9 by Stucuk
Added: SAMERES parameter
Changed: With resolutions above 1024 wide the face panel now scales
1.12.8 by Stucuk
Added: WINDOWFULL parameter
Added: Window option to launcher settings
Bug Fix: Original War shuts down when a mission is lost
Bug Fix: Range Check Errors removed
Bug Fix: Spanish Translation would crash multiplayer
Bug Fix: Launcher displays error when sent parameters
Bug Fix: Fixed several stability issues.
Bug Fix: finalize_var access violation with multiplayer teams.
Bug Fix: Memory leak with multiplayer sides players names.
Bug Fix: Forced hold/free mode on everyone (including CPU).
Bug Fix: Fixed negative control bonuses. (e.g. remote radars having shorter range than other radars)
Bug Fix: See_Areas placed by PlaceSeeing are no longer affected by Update_HiddenCameras. (fixes spectator)
Bug Fix: Hidden cameras' half range.
Bug Fix: [exploit] Reversed ally check for invisible units. It is no longer possible to hide permanently by using diplomacy settings against an enemy.
Bug Fix: [exploit] Deselects hacked vehicles to prevent control by enemy.
Bug Fix: [exploit] Fixed two critical exploits related to vehicles recycling.
Bug Fix: [exploit] Fixed yet another material multiplication bug.
Bug Fix: [exploit] Another repairing building experience exploit fixed.
Bug Fix: No more spam of screenshots in game's dir.
Bug Fix: No more depot-labs.
Bug Fix: Fixed inability to attack ground because of status of (0,0) hex. Now it depends on the status of the right hex.
Bug Fix: Fixed SetPerfectExperience - SAIL function.
Bug Fix: Removed 1s delay when leaving multiplayer lobby.
Bug Fix: Clients will now disconnect from IRC and MS when the game starts.
Bug Fix: Fixed a hang after entering multiplayer lobby if it was left before (as a result of finishing a game or directly).
Bug Fix: Fixed save load bug.
Bug Fix: Reset no/priority attack switch when an ape/a mastodon is tamed or SetSide used.
Bug Fix: Fixed Polish keyboard shortcuts.
Bug Fix: Fixed Am12 - Arabians will now make a contact even if depot is upgraded.
Changed: When ran directly OW correctly sets the resolution
Changed: Launcher no longer runs OW instantly when parameters are sent (Steam Only)
Enhancement: [OwarDedicated] Added a new parameter: CUSTOMINI <filename>, which can be used to set the ini file to be loaded.
Enhancement: [OwarDedicated] Port is now saved on apply.
Enhancement: [OwarDedicated] The currently used ini file name is shown in the title bar.
Enhancement: [OwarDedicated] Logs are saved with filenames based on the currently used ini file.
Enhancement: [OwarDedicated] Ini is written once, after closing the form.
Enhancement: [OwarDedicated] Reloading after error preserves command line.
Enhancement: Editor's panels can be hidden now.
Enhancement: Error Reporter can identify Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
Enhancement: Error Reporter can obtain CPU information even if running under UAC.
1.12.2 by Stucuk
Added: New parameter 'BORDER'
Added: New parameter 'WINDOWEX'
Added: Enabled port changing in OwarDedicated (Experimental)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer map fixes (Party, Bastard Pass)
Bug Fix: Spectators no longer increase Sync Lost's
Bug Fix: No longer crashes if a DirectX Application goes fullscreen
Bug Fix: No longer freezes if you try to do a second multiplayer match
Bug Fix: No longer crashes if OW tries to draw outside a maps bounds
Bug Fix: Editor no longer crashes when it comes back from fullscreen mode
Bug Fix: Apeman engineering Leveling
Bug Fix: Profession level text not updating
Bug Fix: Remote vehicles no longer stuck linked to mechanics when destroyed
Bug Fix: Upgrade bonuses now display correct information
Bug Fix: Task queues fixed
Bug Fix: Animals can no longer help build
Bug Fix: Fixed Remote charges
Bug Fix: Self-destruction of remote vehicles fixed
Bug Fix: Quick dismantlement of buildings fixed
Bug Fix: Sniper/mortar/bazooka massive damage attack fixed
Bug Fix: Fixed sleeping people shooting
Bug Fix: Fixed unlimited range attacks while being in effective time lapser's range
Bug Fix: Fixed attacks on invisible units while being in effective time lapser's range
Bug Fix: Fixed soporific ammo attacks on invisible units
Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on sleeping people/apemen
Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on crates
Bug Fix: Fixed counting of spectators
Bug Fix: Fixed pushing control exploit
Bug Fix: Fixed random amounts of materials from destroyed depots
Bug Fix: Fixed 'division by zero' while resizing interface with many buildings
Bug Fix: Sending fake MS packets no longer causes Access Violations
Bug Fix: Grndsec no longer crashes when adding water
Changed: Packets are now encrypted
Changed: Editor only creates 'libarysources.txt' if needed
Changed: Charges can only be placed by Arabian soldiers
Changed: Buildings can be repaired only by human engineers, apeman engineers and cranes.
Changed: Clients can find servers on non-standard ports (using the MasterServer)
Changed: Permanent stand ground mode option is forced.
1.11.0 by Stucuk
Added: 24 People, Siberite Bomb, Siberite Detection and Cost of Information options to Party (Gothuk)
Added: Russian video subtitle support added
Added: New SAIL Command: GetUnitsNearUnit
Added: New SAIL Varible: PauseMusic
Added: English Subtitibles
Added: Dedicated server can now be controled from inside the chatroom (Requires admin login)
Added: Create Server dialog now allows you to set the games name
Added: Arabians now have there own Interface scheme (Morphid)
Added: SetPerfectExperience function to SAIL
Added: MISSION_EXP_LIMITS can now be set through game.txt
Added: McBenn's Ident Descriptions added
Added: Latest Clanbase Support
Added: More resolution options in the launcher
Bug Fix: Improved broadcasting support (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Polish Alien Base MultiDescs now have proper font (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer map fixes (SAIL - Radzio, maps - Radzio & Gothuk, MultiDescs - Gothuk & Radzio)
Bug Fix: Owarfull.dll renamed to Owarfull.exe, this fixes systems which can't run DLL's as EXE's
Bug Fix: Spectator related crash fixed. Spectators now take up a team slot
Bug Fix: Multiplayer ingame chat is now logged in the ingame log window
Bug Fix: Fatal value of MVR on certain maps with customres parameter fixed
Bug Fix: AM05, AM08, AM10, RU06, RU09 fix (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Multiple Exploits fixed
Changed: Dedicated server interface improved.
Changed: PakView Interface improved
Changed: Grndsec Interface improved
Changed: New Buildup Time (Radzio)
1.10 by Stucuk
Added: AVI Support
Added: SAIL commands: MinimapVideo_Play, MinimapVideo_Stop and MinimapVideo_isActive
Added: Hamachi games are now listed on the Master Server
Added: Ability to not list your game on the Master Server (For Private Games using NOLISTING)
Added: EnableFPSCounter parameter
Added: Option to enable/disable VSync (only effects fullscreen, is disabled by default)
Added: Ability to create trampled grass in the OW Editor
Added: Re-enabled the Create Backup menu option in the OW Editor
Added: Spectator ability to Babylon, Bastard Pass, Bloody Valley and Flags
Added: Dedicated Server application (Beta)
Added: Import\Export multiplayer avatar option to XichtEd
Added: Russian Support added (thanks to vvlad)
Added: Multiplayer rooms can now have passwords when created ingame
Added: Master Sever game list added to inroom game browser
Added: Icons to game lists to show passworded, dedicated and ping
Added: BMP screenshots created with F12
Added: More and better Italian(Hokram), Polish(Gothuk, Radzio, Serpher and Zone) and Spanish(Gwren1) translations
Added: IRC multiplayer lobby
Added: Games now show if they are running a mod in the server list as well as if the user has the mod installed
Bug Fix: Mods multiplayer area nolonger causes an access violation
Bug Fix: Crate stacking fixed
Bug Fix: Editor now removes grass correctly
Bug Fix: Spectators nolonger count as a player when working out if a game can launch
Bug Fix: Russian question nolonger asked when running a mod and choosing the russian campaign
Bug Fix: Fixed a division by zero error
Bug Fix: Misc launcher bugs
Bug Fix: Unit experience, sources and breastworks in Bastard Pass have been fixed (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Artifacts will now spawn in Free for all mode of Babylon (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Artifacts will now work (Broken in earlyer patch)
Bug Fix: MasterServer thread nolonger crashes
Bug Fix: Multiplayer messages are now displayed in the message log
Bug Fix: Message log was wrongly displaying what choice a user picked in a query
Bug Fix: Apes spawning fixed on Babylon (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Server list nolonger clears its self
Changed: Increased ProtocolVersion. Incompatible with previous versions online
Changed: Spectators nolonger join teams or have the ability to select colour, position, etc
Changed: Spectators see all multiplayer chat and send to all players (Diplomacy settings don't effect spectators)
Changed: Base langauge is now controled via the owar.ini
Changed: Editor now scans for avalible galleries (gallerys.txt is now obsolite)
Changed: Flags now has a minimum of 9 starting units and a maximum of 24 (by Argoneus)
Changed: ErrorLogs are now stored in Error_Logs folder in your Original War directory
Removed: "Low Res" version removed due to increased bugs
Removed: Apemen listbox removed in Bastard Pass as it never effected the map (By Radzio)
1.09 by Stucuk
Added: Palette editor in GM View
Added: Merge images to GM Views preview window
Added: Czech, French, German and Italian Pakview translations by 5ITH
Added: Czech(5ITH,Sali,CPT), Polish(H1R3KD, Yuri, Radzio) and Spanish(5ITH, Gwren1) multiplayer translations.
Added: Master Server Support
Added: Mod Setup Creator App
Added: SetNextMission SAIL command
Added: 8Bit BMP import to GM Editor
Added: 8Bit BMP palette import to GM Editor
Added: SAIL Editors font can now be set
Added: Multithreading to the Patch System and PakView
Bug Fix: CD is now checked after checking in OW\Disk2 and OW directories (prevents No Disk errors on some pc/laptops when you have a full install)
Bug Fix: OW nolonger skips a parameter each time it reads one (introduced in 1.08)
Bug Fix: Multidesc files are now loaded using the language thats currently selected over using the games language (#ENG, etc)
Bug Fix: OW now picks files based on Selected Lang -> Game Lang -> English Version (Order it trys to find files)
Bug Fix: Creates nolonger spawn at spectators starting points
Bug Fix: Oil/Siberite nolonger spawn at spectators starting points
Bug Fix: Spectator view nolonger disapears in certain situations
Bug Fix: Pakview now correctly displays the "Extracted" percentage
Bug Fix: Default profile is now correctly created. (Broken in an earlyer patch)
Bug Fix: EXP cheat on AM05_Cont and RU06 fixed by Radzio
Bug Fix: Launcher no longer removes all parameters when skip is the first one
Bug Fix: When an error is reported by Original War it will now always set the colours back when the app exits
Bug Fix: English subtitles on american intro fixed
Bug Fix: Multiplayer text now causes the gamewindow to do a full refresh when text is shown/hidden
Bug Fix: Customres nolonger causes access violations with Factories and Workshops
Bug Fix: InGameOn is now used at the start of RU1 and RU2
Changed: If running in a window and the colours change to 32bit then OW will set them back to 16bit insted of forcing OW into fullscreen
Changed: Patch system now checks all CD/DVD drives (including virtual ones) for Disk 2 insted of just the first one
Improved: AntiTrainer code has been improved
1.08 by Stucuk
Added: Czech and Italian game translations (By 5ITH)
Added: Pakview now has the ability to re-build OWP files
Added: Pakview now has the ability show how much space is wasted in an OWP
Added: Pakview now has multilanguage support(Currently English, Polish and Spanish has been translated)
Added: Japanease support for game
Added: Multilanguage text support for game (Use #ENG, #FRA, #GER, #ITA, #SPA, #CZE, #JAP or #POL as params)
Added: Spectator support in multiplayer games (Currently only in Alien Base)
Added: 5 SAIL commands: LoadCharacter (By Radzio), RegenerateArea, RegenerateUnits, Multiplayer_GetPlayerIsSpec, IAmSpec
Added: Identify tool in the SAIL Editor
Added: GM Editor created. Allows editing of GMX, GMS and GMZ files
Bug Fix: Enginear and Cornel spawning bug in AM10 fixed (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Customising avatar in multiplayer now unchecks the "im ready"
Bug Fix: Misc bug fixes
Bug Fix: Ingame videos now play (bug introduced in a previous patch)
Bug Fix: American warehouse image in Rus and Arab interface fixed
Bug Fix: Exclamations now check Dialogs\ as well as the users language folder
Bug Fix: Character names nolonger have a gap at the start
Bug Fix: Dialogs and Videos now play correctly when using a non English version of original war and when you use a langauge parameter
Bug Fix: Gaps infront of dialog names removed.
Bug Fix: You may now only transport resources if you have at least 10 of that kind (Stops players transporting 1 and getting 10 at the other end)
1.07.2 by Stucuk
Added: Allow and Disallow map lists.
Added: Allow Multiplayer Maps to have units which talk in them. (as in Dialogs)
Added: AreaToList SAIL command.
Added: Campaign buttons can now display text.
Added: OW Now can use sound in a mods mod.owp file.
Added: Exit button on the select mod screen of the editor.
Added: When OW catches an error it will generate an error log (OWEL) with extended info (i.e Win Ver, CPU Speed)
Added: Clanbase support. OW Players can now have ranked multiplayer games!
Added: Edit boxes can now have text copyed and pasted. Only basic. No selection.
Added: Users can create a custom avatar for use in multiplayer games.
Bug Fix: Multiplayer area (bit where u select team) now correctly works when u change mod and go back to it.
Bug Fix: Floats are now fixed on systems which use a comma insted of a dot.
Bug Fix: Misc bugs when changing mods.
Bug Fix: the launcher nolonger minimises OW.
Bug Fix: txtXX.wri files are now trimright'd, meaning any spaces at the end are cut off.
Bug Fix: PakView now correctly handles Wav files that use the optional 2 byte field at the end of the header.
Bug Fix: 42(+12 is not a number error is fixed.
Bug Fix: Editor now correctly names directories when it creates a mod.
Bug Fix: Original War nolonger crashes at the Victory Screen if a multiplayer game was over 1 hour long.
Bug Fix: Memory leaks when opening a OWP file fixed(Applys to everything that used OWP files including the game)
Changed: Proper Unicode Launcher.
Changed: New Interface for Launcher.
Changed: PakView speed increase.
Changed: sounds in OWP files can be in Sound\Dialogs\ as well as Dialogs\
Changed: OWP files saved by PakView are now saved with the OWP3 format.
Changed: all maps made with the editor will now have anti-trainer code built in.
Changed: Multiplayer chat system changed. No longer uses hint system for multiplayer chat.
Updated: OWS Video (Startup logo thingy) updated to the OWS site theme.
1.06 by Stucuk
Added: Will change to 16bit if needed when -window is used in the paremeters
Added: German translations for some of the editor
Added: Autoupdate feature on the launcher
Bug Fix: Arabian interface selection bug
Changed: Buildup time added to Alien Base, Babylon, Bastard Pass and Bloody Valley
Changed: Due to the rebuild of the launcher it nolonger does a cd check
Changed: Mouse hidden at credits screen
Changed: Pause restored in multiplayer
1.05 by Stucuk
- Added: Arabians have there own menus (Currently just a copy of the russian one)
- Added: Enter IP option added to the multiplayer menu
- Added: Additional language system so new buttons can use the users language
- Added: CRC check added to multiplayer. Makes mods safe which are in an owp.
- Added: Ability to use different language if they exist
- Bug Fix: Sound is now loaded from the Mod first and Game second.
- Bug Fix: Problems with mod credits fixed (bug with colours going over byte limits and bug with gap between credits)
- Bug Fix: Medals nolonger crash with arab campaigns
- Changed: Protocol Version has been changed
- Changed: Menu System Improved.
- Exploit Fix: Pressing the self destruct key multiple times no longer causes multiple explosions.

1.04 by Stucuk
- Added: Ability to load mods from a owp file
- Added: Ability to modify the menus
- Added: Mods section in main menu
- Added: Game version label on main menu
- Added: Clients connecting to a host no longer have to select the mod the host is using. It will automaticaly load the mod the host has if its on the clients pc.
- Bug Fix: Colour, Team and Position checkbox's no longer cause violations if a player joins when another player is selecting one of them.
- Bug Fix: Cutscenes after the first play correctly now. (they were broken in 1.03)
- Exploit Fix: Apemen can no longer become invisible. Only soldiers can place mines(note: other units will still walk to the location, but not place mines).
- Exploit Fix: No longer can you use enemies vehicles when u have the factory selected when it builds a unit or when a mechanic enters a vehicle.
- Exploit Fix: Holding down S before exploding a Self Destructing Car no longer causes a large explosion based on how long the S key was held.
- Changed: Pause disabled in multiplayer games. Restart and Quick Restart shortcuts disabled in Multiplayer.

1.03b by Stucuk
Original War Game
- Bug Fix: Language problems fixed

1.03 by Stucuk
Original War Game
- Added: Ability to load from mods
- Added: Checking to see if mod and mod versions are different when joining a multiplayer game
- Bug Fix: Large mouse movements no longer crash the credits screen
- Bug Fix: Misc Bugs/Errors
- Changed: Protocol Version has been changed
- Changed: VIDEONAME added to campaigns/SIDE/missions.dat to allow varible videos to be loaded. VIDEO = 1 is needed to play a video
- Changed: Mods have there own profile saves location (Userprofiles/Mod)

Original War Editor 2.0
- Added: Raise and lower hex tools added
- Added: Delete source tool
- Added: Gallery browser for selecting portraits
- Added: The ability to delete units, env, grass and water one by one
- Added: Mod support
- Changed: Terrain now changes all the selected hex's rather than one
- Changed: User interface has been improved
- Changed: FOW only effects the ingame side of the editor
- Changed: Minimap defaultly refreshes
- Changed: Unit,Env,Grass and Water deleteing is now done independantly of the current layer

PakView 2.0
- Changed: Updated the interface to be more like WinZip

PRCiX 2.0
- Added: Image convertion down to 8bit with dithering option
- Added: Ability to use palette files insted of getting a palette from the bmp. (JASC Palette files are compatible)
- Changed: Interface improved
Patch 2 by Altar
- Bug Fix: Empty combo boxes when playing over Internet and when the server computer is much slower than the client one.
- Bug Fix: "Synchronization lost" error message on maps with flying birds
- Bug Fix: Minor glitches when typing messages to other players
- Bug Fix: Problems with respawning of the people when the player has tamed Apemen, and some other minor issues on certain multiplayer maps.
Patch 1 by Altar
- Bug Fix: American mission 5: Soul of Apeman
Occasional problems with dialogues, potential lock-ups. (Medium problem)
- Bug Fix: American mission 11: Arabian question
Problems with secondary objetives, some inconsistencies in dialogues. (Minor problem)
- Bug Fix: American mission 13: Original Cold War
Multiplication of certain characters. (Minor problem)
- Bug Fix: American mission 14: One on one
Russian attacks sometimes fail to appear. (Minor problem)
- Bug Fix: Alliance mission 15: War is Peace
Game crash with "Range check error" message. (Serious problem)
- Bug Fix: Russian mission 13: Triangulation
Game crash when playing in 800x600, low level of detail. (Serious problem)

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