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Help with translation


Post by Enguzrad » Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:08 pm


as you might know a certain modification named Throwback has a certain utility program used for mod update and settings named Throwback Launcher.
The launcher was made to support the same languages as OW supports but for some of them it still misses translation and uses English instead.
While the mod itself doesn't support all the languages I would like to at least have the launcher complete, so I would like to ask if anyone could translate following lines into these languages: Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese.

(str_whatever doesn't need translation, it is here just for better context)
str_Version=Mod Version:
str_EndAfterStart=Exit after start
str_Windowed=Launch in window
str_SkipIntro=Skip Intro
str_CustomResolution=Custom Resolution
str_RandomMusic=Random choice of Title music
str_ShowBorder=Show window borders
str_PlayMusic=Play selected:
str_TitleMusic=Title music
str_NewWeapons=Balance the nations
str_VersionActual=Mod is up to date
str_ConnectFail=Connection failed
str_DownloadStart=Download update
str_Website=Go to mod's website
str_HotKeyEdit=Open hotkey editor

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