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1.11.0 Beta Test - 31st December 2010

Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:52 pm
by Radzio
New beta-version of 1.11 patch is now available.
You can download it from Open Beta Test forum in (Access requires login).

We are inviting you to test and report bugs.
Changelog wrote:Added: 24 People, Siberite Bomb, Siberite Detection and Cost of Information options to Party (Gothuk)
Added: Russian video subtitle support added
Added: New SAIL Command: GetUnitsNearUnit
Added: New SAIL Varible: PauseMusic
Added: English Subtitibles
Added: Dedicated server can now be controled from inside the chatroom (Requires admin login)
Added: Create Server dialog now allows you to set the games name
Added: Arabians now have there own Interface scheme (Not complete)
Added: SetPerfectExperience function to SAIL
Added: MISSION_EXP_LIMITS can now be set through game.txt
Added: McBenn's Ident Descriptions added
Bug Fix: River of Lost Souls buildings now appear correctly and Sources are now reachable (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Polish Alien Base MultiDescs now have proper font (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Win/Loose conditions on Alien Base, Babylon, Bastard Pass, Bloody Valley, Four to Win and Highlands has been fixed (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Owarfull.dll renamed to Owarfull.exe, this fixes systems which can't run DLL's as EXE's
Bug Fix: Spectator related crash fixed. Spectators now take up a team slot.
Bug Fix: Multiplayer ingame chat is now logged in the ingame log window
Bug Fix: Fatal value of MVR on certain maps with customres parameter fixed
Bug Fix: AM05, AM08, AM10, RU06, RU09 fix (Radzio)
Changed: Dedicated server interface improved.
Changed: PakView Interface improved
Changed: Grndsec Interface improved