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Start of MODBase 2.0


Post by Nefarem » Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:07 pm

We announce that work on the MODBase project has been completed. We have enriched all modifications with basic descriptions, editorial evaluation based on tests, links to the gallery, as well as films, if any were made available by the authors.

View of the section has been changed - from now on, flags showing supported languages are displayed next to the title of each mod, as well as the possibility to preview the description and evaluation of a given modification, while reviewing the list of mods.

We have also supplemented MODBase with modifications published this year as well as the previous year.

Below are a few screens:


New - more detailed descriptions of mods.


New preview of mod content on the modification list.

Link to MODBase:
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Absolute Dominion
Modyfikacja opowiadająca historię Ivana Bierezova, żołnierza armii Rosyjskiej , weterana wojny w Chinach który wziął udział w misji ochrony złóż Alaskitu.

Download from Dropbox
Original War Cooperation
Modyfikacja umożliwiająca granie w mapach z kampanii OW i nie tylko ze znajomymi kontra AI.

Download from Steam

Download from Dropbox
Original War Dialog Editor
Program ułatwiający tworzenie plików wri z dialogami, zadaniami etc do Original War .


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