Original War Balance Mod v1.8.7.1 by Enguzrad

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Original War Balance Mod v1.8.7.1 by Enguzrad


Post by zoNE » Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:23 pm


Version of Balance Mod has been released (test version)!

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l31xa3m0hqkew ... .1.7z?dl=0
Changelog and more about: Attached archive contains Original War folder. Merge it with your Original War installation.
Requires current WIP patch installed (https://forum.stucuk.net/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=6088).
Currently only Alien Base and Flags are modified to support respawning apemen and day/night cycle.

From now on until further notice, regular play sessions of Balance Mod will be held according to this schedule:
  • Friday - starting at 20:00
  • Saturday - starting at 20:00
  • Sunday - starting at 20:00
(Central European Time)

More information: https://forum.stucuk.net/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=6129

A multiplayer match shall be hosted by anyone who shows up first. If at least 4 people show up during following half an hour, we play. The main goal now is to test all default maps and multiplayer modes.

For more information contact Enguzrad (the project manager). You can use #ow-balance section of Original War discord for organization and talk between matches.

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Re: Original War Balance Mod v1.8.7.1 by Enguzrad


Post by Nitek » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:56 pm

Hey, I think this mod is an amazing idea, I just wish someone decided to do that 10+ years ago :P I tried to make something similar myself but since I'm very lazy I dropped it.

I have few thoughts which I'm going to share but keep in mind I haven't been playing since 1.10b which means old build up time among other things. I haven't played the mod but I've read entire changelog.

I think there are deeper issues than some weapons and chassis not being used (and I love the changes you made to those). Original War is very unique because we can't produce more humans but this makes it a nightmare to balance. Let's take Age of Empires 2 for example. There's no build up time (which I think should be removed altogether if very early soldier balance was implemented - maybe barracks at start instead of breastworks or start with 1/3 of units and keep spawning them during first 10 minutes). In AoE2 at the start of the game you get few villagers and a scout. You use scout to locate naturally generated resources, animals and then look for your opponents and explore the map. You can use that scout to harass enemy villagers but there are ways to counter that, i.e. researching loom which buffs your villagers. Being able to do early 3 militia + scout attack makes it more fun since there are many ways to play the game - all of them perfectly viable and used by professional players. Starcraft 2? 2 minutes into the game and we have first clash of units. Way more fun than sitting safe in your base for 10 minutes because you know your enemy can't do much. Alien Base was popular among players because this map hides some of the fundamental flaws this game has.

That aspect of the game is incredibly hard to balance and I have a feeling many people don't share my point of view. That's fine. I just wanted to share what I think and what made me quit the game in the first place. Last time I was playing, AM vs AM metagame was awfully boring. Everything comes down to leveling your mechanics so you can put them in control tower later in the game. Trade few shots with your HGs and repair. Rinse and repeat. Yuk.

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Re: Original War Balance Mod v1.8.7.1 by Enguzrad


Post by 0dd1 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:00 pm

Enguzrad insisted that the game should be balanced on its own, so that no buildup would be necessary, and so every test game started with building an armory to defend and a workshop to make the simplest vehicle for scouting. The basic weapons have now a big view range, making it a must have early in the game, and you can observe the map, search for crates, haras other players or defend from their attacks before the first 10 minutes have passed. The game is much more active like that now.

As for heavy guns, they are much weaker, and become the strongest weapon only after the 3 weapon upgrade, so the overall firepower of the players scales up slower than it used to. Also, the morphling chassis is weaker and slower, so to make quick hit and run attacks with a heavy gun, you would need not only weapon 3 but also a siberite engine with all its upgrades.

And it would be nice if you could join us for a game or two. We really need more players to test team matches. Learning to play the game again is fun, and it's not like anyone will be great at their first try after so many changes.
Do it!

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Re: Original War Balance Mod v1.8.7.1 by Enguzrad


Post by Enguzrad » Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:17 pm

Nitek, from what you wrote I understood that deeper flaw as weak early game and lack of strategies to decide between. I agree with that and I hope that the changes we made in balance mod improves on that.

The rather boring start of the game is part of how the game was designed, there is a big buildup where you have to set up many buildings and technologies before you can even think of attacking. Strategies with more complex economy chain, like knights and merchants, have this characteristic as well. It is not necessarily a problem since decisions you make here affect your position 10 minutes later. Or at least they would if there where meaningful decisions to do. In base game on most maps you course of action is mostly the same - take Am and go HG morphlings. Only tighter maps like AB offers more viable strategies.

By making more weapons viable, the amount of strategies you can go with had grown. In balance mod you don't know up front what your opponent will do, since even soldiers can work in an assault when supported.
And while early game is much the same, more viable strategies increase the necessity of scouting which makes it more likely players will make at least one vehicle early in workshop. Starting with armory or scout vehicle is something to consider but starting just with bunkers and depot gives the option of taking a risk and saving creates and time for an extra vehicle later, or a tower on a chokepoint.

Of course, theorizing is well and good but you should really try out the mod to see how the game works now and possibly how it could be improved further.

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