Am15a / Ru15a siberite bomb

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Re: Am15a / Ru15a siberite bomb

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Exept from necessity of repairing the rocket silo (sib. rocket on the turret) 'bug' [<- sarcastic tone ends here] (viewtopic.php?f=48&t=4794) where russians are not perceving it as a threat, there are few of my ideas how game may be improve in this theme.
McBenn wrote: Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:54 pm Why in the world do the Russians have to fire their siberite rocket before the player loses while the Americans just have to produce theirs? At least change it so the Russians won't fire the rocket in the defeated American base.
Perfectly true - imo it should be an automatic lose if player let it happen. But then probably most of people would think of it as 'copy / paste' the same script for every fraction.

The overal idea is great but the real trouble is proceeding it to the point of viable and playable (realistic) faction.
The time limits in between the attacks shouldn't be changed to the point of gathering the waves for future attacks - i'd call it 'to easy' script >.< (because of overcrowding the russian base will certainly lead to it's unabillity to responce properly).
The alternative is to add/ spawn additional fraction/'s (somewhat like purple attacks from south in AM15) which would attack the player while 'main russian' is building 'the ultimate wapon'.
In this case the main rus. force should receive additional forces (better than recources) which are scripted separately only for defensive purposes, best if they'll also vary (gamestyle/ game difficulty deppenddable), to uphold potential player's attack - at least a bit better.

'The Master Time limits' are calculated so perfectly where even players who know the campaign somehow broke their gameplay to the point where there could be sib. rocket demonstration from the other factions.

PS Glitch has been already posted at bug tracker.
Link to archieve:
and here:
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Re: Am15a / Ru15a siberite bomb

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has it already been changed?
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