Suggestion for the final Am mission

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Suggestion for the final Am mission

Post by Herrnoberst »

Make it clear to the player that he must build an vehicle armed with siberite bomb so that the russian general does not fire the siberite bomb into his base.

I had built an missile silo -> he fired the missile,
thought it may be related to position of missile silo, so built it at initial Powell's base -> he still fired the missile,
thought he cant see my silo so fired the s-bomb right on his attack force so he does witness in action to recognize the threat -> still fired the missile,
replayed from begin sparing the "Friend" and them letting him run away thinking it may be related to him -> nope, he still fired the missile,
finally quit the game, opened the campaign mission to examine the script, see it checks for only vehicles armed with an siberite bomb, did so and put Macmillan as pilot into it, instead building an silo -> finally did not fire the missile.
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Re: Suggestion for the final Am mission

Post by Antitheus »

Describe it as feature request here, please:
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Re: Suggestion for the final Am mission

Post by Jakskomiksu »

It IS NOT a bug but only a game/ theme related feature.
Please recall that all the ingame buildings / creations are more or less prototype (house-made?) in nature builded from prefabricated materials and /or crates casings.
Russians are not perceving the syb. rocket on the turret ('a silo') as a threat because of the ultimate weapons maximum efficient range (of 50 hexes).

It's only my interpretation as a long term fan of the game (not a former employer or anything like it).
It should be pretty obvious that game is considered partialy RPG style and not all objectives must have been added to in-game dialogues nor 'showdowned by a great glowing arrow' in the mission objectives.

Also. The motive when Legion/arabs from the northern base will surrender if we manage to produce rocket before them wasn't implemented because it would certainly make the final chapter to easy.

To make the mission even harder 'the Alliance' should prioritize imploding the sib. rocket if it's been build on the syberite engine chassis.
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Re: Suggestion for the final Am mission

Post by ChrisMonroe »

Has it been fixed yet?
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Re: Suggestion for the final Am mission

Post by Bren »

I don't think it has been actually reported on
And it doesn't sound like a bug neither - Russians just toss a bomb at you at some point, and that's pretty much it.
They do it earlier if you don't have a bomb, though.
Lore-wise it has a very simple explanation - the Russians could've eventually learned that nobody would drop a bomb on their base as they are sitting on motherload and bombing them would mean game over for everyone, forever.
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