SpecOps - Mod - Proof of Concept

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SpecOps - Mod - Proof of Concept

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Hello Everyone!

SpecOps, as it currently stands, is a PoC for a mod that would triple the amount of content per map basis.
The main concept is using all three difficulties to adjust for what the map has to offer. They (difficulties) work as before, their functions remain the same. The addition is that based on the selected one, the map will change its objectives accordingly. Meaning, you will obtain a task that is only available on that difficulty.

Here comes some of the so far lore, if not interested, skip the paragraph.
The group consists of 8 mercenaries, 2 Arabians, 3 Russians, and 3 Americans.
They will try to explain themselves. There is no exact ordering by.
- "Not that we have much to say. We do what is required of us." ~ Vanda,
- "Even if someone has to die, not a single person is a wasted sacrifice." ~ Alexej
- "We have nothing to lose. No families behind. Our only backer is the employer." ~ Olga
- "It is far from a peaceful life. Action is just around the corner." ~ Kevin
- "We don't know when we might die, but once we do, it won't be in vain." ~ Ludwig
- "Don't make me laugh, there won't be anyone dying on me." ~ Katya
Anne enters the hideout with a letter in her hand.
- "Well, well, well. Looks like there is a new mission." ~ Pieter
- "Pick up your asses and move out." ~ Anne
- "Roger that." ~ Mercenaries
- "Mission over life!" ~ Mercenaries.

About the current state of the mod.
It features 2 missions, first one might not exactly have major differences in playing on different difficulties, but the second one is the main show of the concept.
While doing the goals, certain objectives might be understood in various ways. For example, "Escape" might be understood as "the deployed mercenaries have to die (as long as someone in the group is still alive) or escape".
It is mostly rough around the edges and may have odd unintended effects during the gameplay phase.

Download sources:
Steam Workshop
Discord Bot! (Ended Service on the 28th of November 2022)
Discord Server!
Website! [TBA/DM on Discord for info]


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