OWOGL 2014/12/29

Diskuse o dění ve světě OW i reality a tématech, co jsou mimo mísu.
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OWOGL 2014/12/29


Post by stucuk » Mon Dec 29, 2014 10:09 am

Latest Build. Includes an OpenGL version of the Editor. The DD exe's are the Direct Draw build using the same codebase.

- OWOGL_2014-12-29.rar

Known Issues (OGL Build):
  • In-Game Help doesn't render right (The manual thingy)
  • Credits screen doesn't render
  • Unit/building/vehicle create/destroy graph at the end of missions does not render
  • Multiplayer lobby + avatar customization screen does not render player avatar
  • Multiplayer map description does not render
This version uses master.owsupport.com as it is not compatible with OWN's. (They still havn't gotten back to me)
- Stu

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