Mission's map - files list

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Mission's map - files list


Post by Antitheus » Sun Jun 07, 2015 2:23 pm

Radzio wrote:It's worth of describing:
- code.bin - A file containing compiled SAIL code.
- crc.bin - A CRC file (compatibility file), you may delete it.
- main.src - A file, which contains scripts from "Main" SAIL module.
- map.txt - A file, which contains map's text description (interesting).
- map.txt.new - A copy of previous file - you may delete it.
- nodes.bin - A file, which contains area info and map structure.
- sectors.bin - some kind of bullshit - you may delete it.
- sources.txt - A list of *.src files
- output.txt - Output file. May be deleted.
- map.txt.old - Another copy of map.txt
- map.bin.old - A copy of map.bin. May be deleted.
- map.bin - A binary map description
- description.txt - Mission's description (campagin, mission's number, author etc.)
- colors.txt - A file for editing mission's map colors

Summing up: You may delete non-used files and copies/backups. Remember that, if you had main.src deleted, you need to disable it in sources.txt (or delete the line).
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