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[EN] OWMS - General Discussion

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Hello everyone. I'm working on an application called Original War Modding Suite. What is this?
It's a program which will make life much easier for OW mod developers. Using only OWMS you will be able to create/modify circa 350 game text files like start.txt, language files, mission dialogues etc. I have many ideas on how to expand it's functionality but first I have to focus on main task: operate on 338 most important files.

OWMS is in very early development stage. Here's the list of what's already have been made and what's on to do list:

Polishing stage:

basically nothing at this moment
ToDo list:
  • Language files for 5 languages (English, Czech, Polish, French, Russian). Each language has 7 main files which gives us total of 35 files.
  • Mission files. OW handles up to 20 missions which gives us 100 files for each nation and that leaves us with 300 mission files in total.

I'm going to post on every major update. Also I will need some testers in later stages of OWMS development. I decide to make OWMS "idiot proof": you can't type anything that won't work with OW so developers will have much smaller area of places to look for some bugs. And that's another reason why I will need help from community - to figure out what every single text file can contain. More about that in other topics (one topic for one text file).

You are more than welcome to post your ideas, thoughts and constructive criticism about OWMS. You still can make a difference. Just remember: the easier and faster process of mod development is, the more mods will be made.
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