Everything about start.txt

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Everything about start.txt

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Let's take a look at JMM (taken from OWS wiki)

NAME Macmillan
HUMAN 1 1 1
ATTR 11 11
SKILLS 3 2195 0 4582 0 24838 1 16776
CHAR @ 110 0

I need your help with following properties. Everything else in the file is 100% finished.

1. Ident
Must start with a letter and can't contain any spaces.

How about other characters? What's allowed and what isn't? Right now OWMS allows
a-z, A-Z and 0-9. Also if first character is a number there's proper notification.

2. Name identifier
It can work as an identifier to a name defined in Texts/CharName.wri (example is in data1.owp), or be the name itself. In the last case you have to use "" around the name if the name contains spaces, e.g. "Terry Boot".

The same question: What's allowed an what isn't? Right now everything is allowed (except for null or white space).

3. Stamina and speed
Right now both are set from 4 to 20. Speed has to be at least 4 because if you equip bazooka you get -3 speed and I don't know how game will react to that. I think I can just change it to 4-100 for speed and 1-100 for stamina. If someone wants to make a John Rambo with 100 stamina it's their mod. What do you think?

4. Importance
Right now it allows 0-200. I think there's no reason to increase it.

I have to dig into voices and maybe make a tool to import your own voices. Atm Voice can either random or from 1 to 300.

Gallery name and face identifier
Previously I had combobox with every single gallery (galleries from campaign as well as those in mod directory). I decided to change it into simple text file that you have to write gallery name (without extension, can easily implement to check weather user typed in file name or full name with extensions, so that's not an issue here) because going through long list containing over 10 files over and over again wasn't the fastest way.
Right now I'm thinking about leaving it as text file but with a button to open the list of existing galleries (with possibility to set to not include some of the original galleries). That might be the best option. What do you think about that?
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