1.11.0 Beta Test - 9th January 2011

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1.11.0 Beta Test - 9th January 2011


Post by Nitek » Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:05 pm

New beta version of 1.11.0 patch is now available.
Changes in relation to 3rd January version:
- Contains bug fixes to everything i said i changed in the Bug Reports people have posted.
- Moved back to Borlands Memory Manager.
- Changed how OW sends data to Clanbase so Unicode is now supported for Username's and passwords.
- Made OW Check if its a Clanbase game when reporting a Sync Loss.
- Async Mouse has been re-enabled.
- Shadows, Ground Animation and Water Animation are now forced to be enabled.
- Thread on OWSupport (you need to login)
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