1.11.1 Beta Test - 15 August 2011

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1.11.1 Beta Test - 15 August 2011


Post by stucuk » Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:32 pm

1.11.1 has been released. See Here for more information.

  • Latest Multiplayer Maps (by Radzio)
    • General
      • Improved build-up's performance.
    • Bloody Valley & Bastard Pass fixes
      • Some strings were not being shown
      • Amount of ppl in BV's MDs
    • Flags updates
      • New build-up's areas and code
    • Highlands fixes
      • Moved infinite loop that blocked important code from being executed
      • prepare_people allows for an immediate placing in buildings now
        (fixes missing units because of inaccessible entrance hexes)
    • River Of Lost Souls fixes
      • Information about points not being shown
      • NE and SW bases have their areas fixed
      • Moreover, NE base has its area enlarged
      • 10 trees were removed from the map to not block predefined buildings
      • Random trees are no longer removed from the map
  • AM15: You no longer loose a medal when you finish behemots. (by Radzio)
  • OW No longer crashes when Direct X Applications go full screen.
  • Several "Preventive" Fixes*
* "Preventive" Fixes are when people give me an error report with an access violation and i modify OW so that it shouldn't in future crash at that point. This however doesn't mean my changes will stop it crashing as it may just crash at another point.
Note: This version is not compatible with previous versions online.
- Stu

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