The First Hardcore - US Campaign Speedrun!

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The First Hardcore - US Campaign Speedrun!


Post by zoNE » Mon Jan 21, 2019 11:25 pm

The First Hardcore - US Campaign Speedrun!

Other speedruns:

Hardcore - US Campaign Speedrun Rules:
1. Time starts on clicking "Run" in the "New Campaign" window with "New Campaign" selected and ends on the main character final dialogue
2. Play on "Master Strategist" difficulty, with all medals and without casualties (exception: Am08 are died 3 soldiers during the cutscenes, others can't die)
3. Play without replaying missions
4. Play on any game speed mode you want
5. Timed via RTA (you count loading times, cutscenes etc. to your total run time)
6. Don't use glitches, bugs, cheats and mods
7. Pausing is allowed, but discouraged
8. Save and load isn't allowed
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