Original War Streamers Tournament 2019 - Make Multiplayer Great Again!

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Original War Streamers Tournament 2019 - Make Multiplayer Great Again!


Post by zoNE » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:17 pm

The time has come for the Great Games! We would like to invite you to the Original War Streamer Tournament, which will take place on 30-31.03.2019 at 12:00-17:00 GMT+1! The main goal of the tournament is to test all default maps, multiplayer modes, sync lost, game exploits, SGUI in multiplayer and most importantly, have fun! During the tournament, several streams will be started by your favourite streamers, and the tournament will be attended by Stucuk himself, the patch maker of the Original War! With the tournament we want to catch all the multiplayer bugs, restoring the play-ability of all maps, so that the multiplayer experience can be even better!

What's more, Sali and Stucuk suggested the tournament to be played on the brand new WIP patch, with developmental version of SGUI. Stucuk has decided to speed up his work on the patch to make it possible for contestants to test out, and show the world brand new Original War user interface!

Thanks for Sali and Stucuk for their hard work! Live streams on their YouTube channels will provide: Bren, Dragon5fly, Jakes, Nefarem, and Thorgall!

Combining fun with useful, we will be able to carry out in-depth tests of the game, and you will see your favourite streamers in action! The following people agreed to participate: Bren, Dragon5fly, Jakes, Nefarem, Sali, Stucuk and Thorgall. Their fights will take place in parallel due to time constraints.

In organisational matters, contact Original-War.net administration.

Tournament rules:
  • The main goal of the tournament is test all maps and game modes.
  • Game rules:
    • Base Level: Fortified
    • Amount of People: 24
    • Skill Level: More experienced
    • Starting Resources: Lots
    • Shipments Density: Very High
    • Extra Oil deposits: Extra
    • Extra Siberite deposits: Extra
    • Shared Vision: Yes
    • Morale Flags: Not Decreasing
    • Siberite detection: Researched
    • People Respawning: Common
    • Amount of Apemen: Lots
    • Siberite Bomb: Allowed (if available)
    • Build Up Time: 10 Minutes (if available)
  • Game speed: default multiplayer mode (throughout the game).
  • In addition: Everything is allowed in the game except for rushing people at the beginning of the game (in modes that do not require it) when Build Time is turned off and except for artificial dragging the game! So you can bug, use exploits and do whatever comes to your mind. You have crash this game!
  • Number of fights: each with each of them will play after 2 fights, a total of 42 fights will be played.
  • Each of the streaming players is obliged to stream all battles - preferably on one live, without delay. Players do not watch other players (especially opponents) in order not to generate additional lags in the game. There should be nothing on the game screen during the stream, except for the game itself (so that everything is clearly visible). Streams should be in 720p or 1080p resolution. Persons who can't stream are obliged to record all battles and then share the recordings. All recordings are to detect the causes of errors and sync losts - in combination with sync logs it will be possible to determine the exact time of sync lost and what happened at that time in the game for both 1 and 2 players. This will help us to better identify the causes of sync lost and errors.
  • After the game day, each player sends to the administrator a "zoNE" in a private message, packed with all the sync log files. These files are located in the "debug" folder of the game. It is best to pack all the files that are there and send them. These files, together with recordings and descriptions, will be forwarded to Stucuk. These files are necessary to locate the causes of sync lost or game exploit.
  • In case of a game error, please also send us the error logs located in the folder "Error_Logs", in the folder with the game - only logs from the given day.
  • After the tournament is over, places will be drawn according to the sum of points from the fights. Players receive 1 point for each win and 0 for each loss. If more than one player on the podium has the same score, overtime between these players will be possible.
  • Since the main reason for the tournament are tests, each player is obliged to complete the following information in the table of fights after each fight:
    • "Points" in the main table of fights - points for win/loss in a fight.
    • "Sync? (Y/N)" in the main battle table - "Y" if there was a lost sync during the game, "N" if there was no sync (also applies to sync losses on the counter, which do not throw out of the game.
    • "Bugs? (Y/N)" in the main battle table - were there any errors in the game except for sync losts.
    • "Player 1 Description" in the main table of fights - a place for the description of errors and sync lost in a given game for player #1.
    • "Player 2 Description" in the main table of fights - a place for the description of errors and sync lost in a given game for the player #2.
    • "Description" in the player's side table (with the color of a given player) - a place for additional remarks and a description of errors that occurred in the games and which he did not describe in the main table. If something bothers you and someone has already described it, don't worry, also describe what you think about it. The more submissions, the better it will be possible to determine the problem and its priority!
    • "Stream" in the player's side table (with the player's color) - a place for direct links (not universal, but direct) to streams from battles, so that you can compare the recordings with game logs.
  • Organizers reserve the right to change the regulations during the course.
The list of fights is available at the address: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... z0nOpVFwY/

We wish the contestants successful fights and the audience a wonderful experience with your favorites streamers!
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