Throwback - Version 6.0 Season VI Rebellion

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Throwback - Version 6.0 Season VI Rebellion


Post by Timeshifter » Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:33 pm

- Added -
Rebellion Campaign (3 players Multiplayer)
- 1. Mission - Where might your nest lie, little bird?
- 2. Mission - Something is in the air (Thanks to Radzio this map is synchronized)
New harder difficulty for Silent Hill map
All maps: information for server that he shouldn´t exit game if he loosed and other people is still playing
Skin for Electronic ray

- Changed -
New hand drawed background by Milan alias D3stiny
All maps except River of Lost Souls updated from 1.11 patch (we use our own solution for River of Lost Souls)
Little different script of attack in Silent Hill map
Little different basic interface
Skin change for Rocket Barrage from Arabian Rocket Launcher skin to American Rocket Launcher skin
Arabian Interface deleted (due to new interface in 1.11 patch)
Changed frequency of shipments in Oldest Terror map

- Fixed -
Arabian Campaign - 1. mission cleared of some bugs
Wrong choosing of Saboteur heroes in Saboteurs map
Fixed Hero mode in Dead Valley map
Flags - Kill´em all - wrong Multidesc

- in addition -
Background Autor gives you this small poem:

Over the battle, Clouds are closing
Sight of the battle, they are hiding
tanks with guns, shots are peaking
all efforts of enemy, they are wasting

Download (212 MB)

Original image of background

Throwback language pack for translate / Is not disposition now.
"Time, who sees all things, he hath found thee out." -(Sofokles - Oedipus Rex)

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Re: Throwback - Version 6.0 Season VI Rebellion


Post by SaliSakal » Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:41 pm

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