1.12.0 Beta Test - 3 October 2011

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1.12.0 Beta Test - 3 October 2011


Post by Gothuk » Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:56 pm

New beta version has been released. See Here for more information.

  • Added: New parameter 'BORDER'
  • Added: New parameter 'WINDOWEX'
  • Bug Fix: Multiplayer map fixes (Party, Bastard Pass)
  • Bug Fix: Spectators no longer increase Sync Lost's
  • Bug Fix: Editor no longer crashes when it comes back from fullscreen mode
  • Bug Fix: Apeman engineering Leveling
  • Bug Fix: Profession level text not updating
  • Bug Fix: Remote vehicles no longer stuck linked to mechanics when destroyed
  • Bug Fix: Upgrade bonuses now display correct information
  • Bug Fix: Task queues fixed
  • Bug Fix: Animals can no longer help build
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Remote charges
  • Bug Fix: Self-destruction of remote vehicles fixed
  • Bug Fix: Quick dismantlement of buildings fixed
  • Bug Fix: Sniper/mortar/bazooka massive damage attack fixed
  • Bug Fix: Fixed sleeping people shooting
  • Bug Fix: Fixed unlimited range attacks while being in effective time lapser's range
  • Bug Fix: Fixed attacks on invisible units while being in effective time lapser's range
  • Bug Fix: Fixed soporific ammo attacks on invisible units
  • Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on sleeping people/apemen
  • Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on crates
  • Changed: Editor only creates'libarysources.txt' if needed
  • Changed: Charges can only be placed by Arabian soldiers
  • Changed: Buildings can be repaired only by human engineers, apeman engineers and cranes.

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