Patch released!

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Patch released!

Post by zoNE »

Patch has been released!

Link to the patch: Requires:

Changelog (
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
  • Fixed: [multiplayer, SGUI] Allied victory tickbox [Issue #607]
  • Fixed: Ru05, Ru06, AM15 [Issue #612]
  • Fixed: SetSide can cause Sync Loss in Multiplayer Game [Issue #614]
  • Fixed: Ru08 - people stay on a vacation [Issue #615]
  • Fixed: Animal names [Issue #600]
  • Fixed: Ru12a - Achiv conditions fix [Issue #606]
  • Fixed: Small Maps can have red areas at the sides [Issue #608]
  • Fixed: With Japanese language base names show garbled characters [Issue #609]
  • Fixed: ESC key opens menu while giving orders [Issue #610]
  • Fixed: Multiplayer Loading screen doesn't go away [Issue #611]
  • Fixed: AM04 achievement [Issue #613]
  • Fixed: loading a save when user profile has alot causes crash [Issue #601]
  • Fixed: OW tools show memory leak information on exit [Issue #602]
  • Fixed: ESC stops bringing up menu after loading save which is outdated [Issue #603]
  • Added: Memory Usage added to FPS counter
  • Fixed: Miscs bug with Campaign Tree
  • Fixed: Ru08, Ru11 - Achiv conditions [Issue #599]
  • Fixed: Memory Usage indicators now work (Map Editor)
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