Patch released!

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Patch released!

Post by zoNE »

Patch has been released!

Link to the patch: Requires:

Changelog (
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
    Added: Multiplayer and Skirmish Map Name now shown in Steam Status
    Added: Save and Backup option added to Editor
    Added: GetModINIParam Sail commands
    Added: Past error into Error log (for better tracking)
    Added: Replacing layer for Russian interface (Fixed issue when polish had alaskyt instead alaskit), also now replacing EON to TAWAR and other pairs in different languages
    Added: Buildings editor (buded.exe) now can export images of all buildings, also there button for ping background without shadows
    Changed: Icon system (vehicles and buildings) - Now is shared between all nations (with own background) and in better quality
    Changed: Arabs have own background on panel units
    Changed: New horse portrait
    Changed: Restored original Campaign units balance
    Improved: Pathfinding now able to find longer distance do routes
    Improved: New diplomacy offers (redesign)
    Fixed: Environment causing building not to be placed on map load
    Fixed: SetSide sail command now effects Behemoth's weapons
    Fixed: Achiev's scrollbar issue (infinity scrolling)
    Fixed: firstSettings - when changed language cause error, also caused flip classic-modern texts
    Fixed: white texture in some places after start the game
    Fixed: Polish text (dialogs and subtitles)
    Removed: all "/alaskite" from all language from command buttons and hints texts
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