Patch (BETA) released!

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Patch (BETA) released!

Post by zoNE »

Patch (BETA) has been released!

Link to the patch: Requires:

Changelog (
stucuk wrote: Changelog:
    Added: List of Building in Active Area menu option to editor
    Added: CLOTHES setting for people.txt
    Bug Fix: Prevent editor from allowing larger environment objects to be placed in areas they should not be allowed
    Bug Fix: Fix for locking cutscene speed which failed on some maps
    Changed: Mods can now have more than 3 difficulty levels for missions
    Changed: Dedicated Servers ran by the Dedicated Server Manager will terminate their process after completing a match

    Advanced metalurgy:
    Research time increased:
    TIME 120 -> 220

    Heavy tracked (US/RU):
    Cost increased:
    CANS 40 -> 50

    Morphling chassis:
    Cost decreased:
    CANS 50 -> 40

    Self-propelled bomb:
    1010 505 1010
    100 200 600
    1010 805 1010
    100 300 600
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